Week in Review: National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and I love the theme this year:  "Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle." Everyone eats. Most people kind of like food, so what does that mean to you? How will you "bite" your way into a lifestyle that means health  to you?

Eating, health and wellness is a personal journey. What it means to me, is completely different than what it means to the person I am sitting next to in the airport. I think of this journey like a vision board (Pinterest anyone?). 

Take 5 minutes right now and create a mini vision board for how you will "bite" into health in March. Pick 3 things, make them realistic, something you can be consistent with, and do them.  Please don't put down anything to do with weight loss or lofty goals that are hard to achieve.  Think of what these goals can do for you. For your health. For your future. Will you sleep better?  Will you have more energy? Will it save you money? Ask yourself questions that are centered around your health. Keep it somewhere that will often refresh and remind you that your health is on the brain. 

As you can see, I am focusing on breakfast, water, and cooking dinner. All 3 of these things give me energy. I feel better about my health when I am fueled properly in the morning, hydrated throughout the day, and knowing what I made myself for dinner came from my kitchen. 

March is a great time to reflect on food (no you don't have to be a nerdy dietitian to appreciate National Nutrition Month). The holidays are over, warmer weather is on the way and it's time to spring clean your health and wellness vision. Take a big bite and start your journey.