Week in Review

I thought February was suppose to be more calm? Not a chance!  This week was full of meetings, photos, food and love!  Started off the week with our monthly dietitian meeting featuring my favorite food: corn!  (Insert sarcasm and thank you Stacey for modeling with it). 

We had our group dietitian photo taken for an upcoming event we are having in March (more information coming soon).  I think it turned out great as our group grows and changes every year. 

I ended my week with a little homemade healthy hot chocolate in my favorite mug that also reminds me of this month's most popular holiday. 

Valentine's Day hit the store like crazy!  All my favorite colors!  Stacey and I hit the town and maybe stopped by to wish you a happy day of love from your special someone.

I then traveled home to celebrate this special holiday with the 3 loves of my life:  my parents and sister. It was a great night!  I might have had too much pizza.... and chocolate. 

I hope you all had a "full of love" week!