Week in Review

The past week was a doozy. I needed some comfort food. So in childhood fashion, I had a little graham cracker and chocolate action. My mom would treat us with these when she had leftover frosting from her cake decorating days. It was just what I needed. If you haven't tried Zoet's Dark Chocolate Spread, you seriously need to. It is divine!!! 

Chef Stacey and I hosted a fantastic cooking class with employees from Meredith Corporation (the place that brings you Better Homes and Gardens and many other awesome publications). We had the privilege to use their beautiful test kitchen, thanks to Lynn and her crew! 

Friday was a fun day with flowers from a special client, my favorite tea and the new Quest Bar: S'mores. It was a good day. 

I ended the week with co-workers doing some serious bowling and raising money for one of our favorite charities: JDRF. 

We didn't win, but I was impressed with my boss's bowling skills.  You never mess with a man who brings his own ball. 

New week, new outlook!!!