Wisdom Wednesday

Many of us invest in our future. We put aside money each month to save for a secure life after retirement. We educate ourselves on how to invest, we seek out professional advice, we make changes as needed to get the most growth out of our money. 

Is this the type of investment that will secure a happy life? Are you too focused on tangibles and not focused on the most important investments in your life? 

I want to have a secure and happy life when I am older. I want to have people I care about share in that happy life with me. I make investments in people who make an investment in me. I surround myself with like-minded people, who have dreams and goals and who encourage mine. These people take time to be in my life, to compliment my greatness and for me to compliment theirs. This investment is priceless. This investment is more important than any other one I will make. I don't need a report each month to show growth in my investments because my heart is busting at the seams.

When my heart is full, my life is full.  I will keep investing in those great people who I share my heart with each day and look forward to sharing this secure and happy life.