Wisdom Wednesday


Why are you amazing? You are amazing because:  of your smile, the light in your eyes when you show your passion. Your ability to make everyone feel good about themselves in your presence and when you talk with them. Your established intelligence and your desire to keep growing on that. Your ability to conquer defeat and rise above when there has been much against you. Your determination and drive to be successful. Your investment in others. Your kindness. You are genuine and don't hide behind anything. Your sarcasm. Your dedication to wellness of the mind, body and soul. Your goals of all shapes and sizes. Your honesty. The way you can hold a conversation with anyone and everyone. Your insecurities and knowledge of how to rise above them. Your sassiness.  Your quirkiness. The ability to capture a room but also know when to stand back. Your artistic side. Your serious side. Your compassion. Your big heart. Your laugh. The wall you put up when you are hurting and still manage to have a smile on the outside.  The love and devotion you have for your friends. Your positive attitude that everything will work out and your patience in the process. You, just you. 

Did anything is this list remind you of why you are amazing? If there was one thing or many things that you know about yourself...there are a million more I didn't list that make you amazing.

Always remember that.