Living Healthy and Happy: The Wonders of Water

We are to the final building block of living a healthy and happy life: water. Over a year ago, I gave up all beverages except 3 (tea and milk) with water being 80% of what I drink daily. Water is the essence of life. Our bodies and brains are made up of more than 70% water. It just makes sense to make sure that is what the majority of your beverages should come from. You also get water from the food you eat, hello fruits and vegetables!

Why should you drink water?  Water carries nutrients throughout our bodies to the right places and also pulls nutrients from our foods to distribute. Water helps get rid of unhealthy things in our bodies too, any waste our cells create, water helps flush from our bodies. Water regulates body temperature (metabolism and exercise increases it), helps digest your food properly and can keep your joints moving freely. I believe water also keeps cells plump and healthy, therefore decreasing the signs of aging and prevents soreness of your muscles. Water also helps satiety, prevent cravings and maintain a healthy weight. 

How much do I need? The average person needs about 8-8 ounce glasses a day. This can change based on your weight, age, sex, physical activity and weather (higher temps need more). If you're thirsty you are already dehydrated and that is not good. You want to maintain hydration as much as possible. Plain water is the goal. You should not consume all your water from flavor packets or coffee. For every flavored or caffeinated beverage, you need to consume the next beverage of plain water in the same size. Also, the water you consume during physical activity does not count toward your daily total. You still need your daily goal on top of that. 

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