Week in Review

It was another memorable week, as they always are for me.  I had a full house of fun for Halloween including these 3 sweet kiddos that were so helpful with handing out candy (the only day out of the year anyone is given candy to from me). We had a delicious healthy chili, cinnamon rolls and tons of heart-healthy laughter. 

The week ended with a great fundraiser for The Des Moines AIDS project. There was plenty of talent and entertainment (from the stage and at my table). It is always fun to enjoy an evening giving back and being with friends.

Now this was in my mailbox this past week and I just got around to opening it today. Seriously a perfect start to the week. Not only was it a great experience to hang out with 70 pretty cool 3rd graders from Hubbell Elementary and teach them about MyPlate, but even better to see they actually learned something. I am savoring them, reading just a few everyday. 

Cherish the little things that always mean so much, you never know when the little things might become big things.