Week in Review

Another week has flown by and I have had a little time lapse in between my posts. I am going to work really hard to get back on track. 

I had my first trip to FNCE (largest meeting of dietitians in the world) in Houston. I had the opportunity to spread the message of Kids Eat Right (awesome resource for kids and families to help them...well eat right) and sign up volunteers to help spread the love. It was a great experience and overwhelmingly inspiring to be surrounded by so many dietitians. Congratulations to all of our new Kids Eat Right volunteers!

When I returned, I tried my hands at rolling sushi that our Chef and Sushi bar put on at the store. If you have never done it...you should!  The best part was that it did not need to look pretty to taste good. Oh and the other best part was getting to eat the fruits of my labor!

I ended my week with the honor of being the godmother to this cool little guy. Charlie did very well during the whole thing and I not only felt very fortunate for this new job, but renewed in spirit and hope. Baptism of a little one always reminds me of the spiritual journey that lies ahead for the little one and the spiritual journey that lies in me.  Can't wait for our journey together.

Another great week full a memories, hope yours was too!