The Mother of all Mothers

I hope all the special mothers in this world had a special day yesterday. We are all very lucky to have this life we do because of them.

I have one very special mom (we look nothing alike, at all). My mom was very active in my life from day one and continues to be a positive and loving presence in my current life. I try to live my life fashioned after her. She is a women I admire, respect and look up to.

While I was walking through the store I work at the other day, I was reminded of my mom. There was a lady wearing Chanel No. 5 and instantly I thought of my mom. When my mom would tuck my sister and I into bed when we were little, that is the scent that lingered after her hugs and kisses.

I am thankful for another year with my mom and had an amazing day with her. I even cooked!  Thank you mom, for loving me effortlessly and unconditionally. You have no idea how special you are to me!