Be Strong.

Summer is a time for marathons, bike rides, triathlons, walks, Tough Mudder and many other opportunities to challenge yourself physically. Have you wanted to take the plunge but you're scared?

I am with you!  I have a little fear of commitment and I always analyze everything until I have exhausted it. I did a leg of a triathlon a few years back and have done nothing since. Why have I held back so long? 

Basically very little confidence in my physical ability. Would I be able to complete it?  Would I get nervous and have a panic attack?  Would I run out of breath?  Would it be to hot?  Would it rain?  Finally, I said really Anne?  What are you scared of? No more excuses.

So I took the plunge, signed up for my first 5k and I am going to be strong. I am going to be fine and I am going to finish because it is the only choice I have. No turning back...no regrets. Bring on June 8th.