Over the past week, I read that the third week in January is when people experience the most  emotionally down time of the year. I am sure it is because of a few reasons like credit card bills from the holidays start to pile up, the weather and most new year resolutions fall off and become unsuccessful.

But at this time you MUST remember the importance of YOUR LIFE. We are only given one. We are only given one body to live it with. If you only had one shirt to wear for the rest of your life, wouldn't you do anything to make sure it was appropriately taken care of so you would always be able to wear it? 

Be in love with you and give yourself everything you possibly can to be healthy and happy. If you slip up, make mistakes, take time off, it is ok. Tomorrow is a new day to start over and be the best to yourself that you can.

Every minute you live, gives you another chance to begin again. Get back to those resolutions, give yourself back the power to make a change. You only have one life, love the heck out of it!