The Dietitian's Refrigerator

A few weeks ago, I shared with you what is on my dish most days of the week. I received a few requests for what is in my kitchen. I thought I would share with you a few other areas of my kitchen, starting with my refrigerator (stay tuned for the freezer and pantry, I know you are on the edge of your seat!)

My friend Jason, always laughs at me when he opens up my refrigerator. We have polar opposite stashes. His is full of food, actually over flowing with food. He also has a plethora of condiments. Holy moly, I have never seen so many salad dressings!

Mine is what I call, as-clean-as-I-can-be minimalistic. I usually only have what I need to make meals for the week. Since I eat very similar things each day, my shopping list is pretty tame.

My staples always consist of almond milk, cottage cheese, fresh veggies, a few leftovers, sparkling water, eggs, a variety of light cheese flavors, a low-sodium pasta sauce, fresh lemons, avocados and fresh garlic.  Yes there are condiments; light Italian dressing, salsa, light soy sauce, light BBQ sauce, ketchup,  stone ground mustard, and honey.

What are your staples residing in your refrigerator?  I hope it is a little more exciting than mine, but still giving you and your family options for healthy meals.