All the "Turkeys" I am Thankful for!

Over the river and through the woods....la la la la la la.  It is Wednesday before Thanksgiving and working in a grocery store is pretty much madness today. I might not spend the day being a "dietitian" but I will be out in the aisles helping customers find everything they need to make their meal special.
What makes my meal special, are the amazing people I get to share it with. Each year, as we all sit down, I take a few moments to just look at everyone and silently give thanks for each one of them. These people have helped form my life into what it is today and I could have never accomplished all I have without them.  They love me unconditionally, what more could a girl ask for?  They truly are the turkeys I am thankful for.
There will be a few family members missing also my dear friends, but my heart will be full with thanks for each person in my life. 
Enjoy the day and truly be thankful, for more than just the food :).