Making the Most of Lunch

Who else out there stands in front of their refrigerator or pantry, overwhelmed with the idea of what to gave for lunch, again?

Me!  I struggle each day with packing lunch, keeping it interesting and not the same thing everyday (which is very easy for me to do). So, I came up with a plan. I have an actual calendar that I have written on to help plan my lunches.  I only write one word.  I am not a great meal planner (I let Hy-Vee do that with their weekly menus) so I just needed focus, for a mere 5 days a week.

These are my trigger words:  Leftovers, hot, cold, meatless, frozen.
How easy is that?  Leftovers can be from anytime of the week, hot can be things like soup or oatmeal, cold can be a salad or sandwich and frozen can be a lower sodium meal or a bag of frozen veggies mixed with protein. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed with planning lunch, just start with one word.