Happy Veterans Year!

This week, on 11/11/11 we honor our current service men and women and our heroes from the past. Each day I work, I feel very honored to see those in uniform coming to our store from the local National Guard base. I feel very humbled by their presence and have utmost gratitude for all they sacrifice for our country and for my freedom.

Each of us knows someone serving or someone who has served. I feel that instead of just one day a year, we really should keep our gratitude flowing all year-round, for them and their families.

I am excited for Friday in our Hy-Vee store. We have a fantastic veterans breakfast planned and I cannot wait to meet and greet everyone. Provide them with thanks and as much coffee as they desire.

In closing, I hope you enjoyed pictures of my favorite veteran. I did not know my dad in the first 2 pictures, but I was around for the last picture. He spent 26 years of his life serving our country and it makes me so proud to have him as my dad. Thank you dad for all you did for our country. If you did not serve, I might not have had the privilege to know you and be a part of your life.

Happy Veterans Year!