Happy Halloween!

What a fun holiday! This weekend, my bestie and I dressed up for a fabulous Halloween party at a co-workers house. It was awesome seeing the spirit of Halloween alive in so many adults.

Last night was trick-or-treating for our neighborhood. The best costumes were the kiddos that made theirs. My favorite was the adorable boy in a lemonhead box. It even had the nutrition information on the side! The perfect costume to go after dietitian's heart (he got a few extra pieces of candy).

Today, I got the awesome picture of my beloved co-workers from my previous job. The work in a dermatology lab and we always joke around saying we are labs rats. Today, they truly are!

I made some yummy healthy cupcakes for my co-workers to "treat" them. They all asked how I made it healthy. I tricked them and told them not a thing. After they were all done, I revealed that the cake was made with canned pumpkin and the cream cheese frosting was made with light cream cheese. Yummy!

Hope your Halloween has been as fun as mine!
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