For the Special Men in Our Lives

When I think of the month of June, dads always come to mind. Then it trickles down (in my dietitian head) to mens health and foods that all the special men in your life "should" be eating.

That is when it gets tricky. Men have different health needs than women and most men (in my professional opinion) struggle the most with finding a healthy balance in their lives. I think my Dad and my husband get sick and tired of me telling them what they should eat, what supplements to take, and on and on. So, this is my theory, why not trick them into getting the special nutrients they need?

Lycopene is a carotenoid (or healthy pigment) found in our skin, liver, lungs, colon and most importantly, prostate. By consuming foods higher in lycopene, may help men lower their risk of prostate cancer. The lycopene in canned tomatoes, is better absorbed in the body than fresh tomatoes. Lycopene also helps decrease plaque build up in the arteries and can act as an internal sunscreen, protecting you from the inside out.

It will be so easy to "trick" the special men in our lives to consume their lycopene with a pan of lasagna or a homemade pizza with lots of sauce. My favorite is a pasta dish made with Muir Glen tomatoes. But the real trick is to not let them know the fancy carotenoid they are eating, just smile. And while they are snarfing down your delicious "healthy meal", you may be adding years to their lives and your time together.
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