The Best Mom in the World!

Just yesterday, the world celebrated their own mothers on Mothers Day. My day was no different. I got to spend the day with my own Mom, Ruth and also my mother-in-law, Dawn. I felt very special being surrounded by 2 amazing women I have in my life.

Even though Mothers Day is 1 day out of the year, we really should celebrate them all year long.
I think my passion for nutrition started with my mom. She always had a healthy dinner prepared for us each day and breakfast, with a multivitamin, was waiting for us in the morning. She can magically whip up a great tasting, healthy masterpiece meal at anytime, coupled with correct portion sizes and followed by a sweet dessert made with fruit. My favorite being a baked apple topped with cinnamon.

She has taught me to make food something that is quick, easy, healthy and full of flavor. Real sweet treats like baked goods and candy were saved for special occasions, along with soda. I take many of my culinary ideas from my childhood and from the best mom in the world. I look forward to carrying on these traditions with my own family. Thank you to all the moms in the world who cared for their families through healthy meals and taught us how to be healthful adults.
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