The Joy of Spring and New Life

Every year, we go through "spring cleaning" in our homes and in our lives. The earth uses rain to "clean and renew" everything from brown to green. Last year, on this very day, my dear friend Carlena had an extra special "spring" in her step with the arrival of this little man. Not all of us get this kind of profound sense of "newness" in their lives, but each Spring is a great time to take a step back and look at how they can renew themselves.

Think of the rain as a metaphor for washing away some of the bad habits you would like to overcome. Think of the beautiful color coming up as inspiration to bloom your inner colors. It can be from the colors you wear or even the colorful food you put on your plate. Spring is also a time of rebirth. I think everyone could use a little rejuvenation to get excited about life and health again.

Whatever your inspiration is this Spring, whatever you would like to renew; now is the time. I think this little guy is pretty awesome inspiration. What is yours?
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