The Thought of Love.....

I was listening to television the other morning while I was getting ready and heard a very interesting commercial. It was talking about Valentine's Day being about "I Love You" but really Valentines Day should be thought of as "I Love Us." Thinking about the special people in your life, not just your significant other, but also the relationships with your family and friends. "I Love Us" is about loving where we have been, where we are and where we are going; together.

This commercial brought me to think of all the "us" I have in and throughout my life. My first "us" is always going to be my parents and my sister. I love the memories of us in the past, I am appreciative of our relationship now, as we are all adults and can only hope for many more years to come. My second "us" would of course be my spouse of almost 10 years of marriage and 17 years of knowing each other. My third "us" would be the many friendships I have, but one in particular that I have endured through many different stages in life and know I can get through anything with her in my future.

I am sure thinking of many "I Love Us" relationships will spark many feelings of love in your life this Valentines Day. Think of them as important as the next. Maybe you do not have time or money to buy gifts or cards but it would be a great time to remind all those special someones in your life how much you love "us."