Everyone has ambitions...

I walked into my master bathroom the other day and found this little girl, our dear Lil G. I guess Lil G has some new year resolutions. She does only weigh 8 pounds, but I think the winter has given her the blues.

I know many of you had set resolutions, but have you kept them so far?

One of the biggest reasons resolutions fail is because we A) Set wayyyy to many or B) Set really high resolutions that are difficult to achieve.

Why don't we take a step back (you too Lil G) and have a "do-over."

Set ONE, obtainable goal that you know you can achieve and WHEN YOU DO achieve it, THEN set another new goal. You will feel better when you reach those goals and will want to do more. Resolutions are meant to be achieved, I know you can do it.