Chia, AGAIN????

Yes, Chia again. How many times have I talked to you about Chia? How many times have you seen me walking through the aisles with Chia in my hand? How many more times can I stress to you the importance of this amazing food product?

Chia (yes, same thing that grows the Chia pet) is one of the most amazing health foods I have seen in a long time. I had a customer call me last week stating they had lowered their cholesterol by more than 90 points by just using Chia in their diet. She also lowered her triglycerides as well.

It is great for cholesterol but did you know it is AMAZING for cravings and controlling hunger? This addition to food will decrease your sweet tooth as well as your salty snack tooth. Consuming it at certain times of the day when hunger strikes, can help avoid mindless eating.

When do I take mine? Before I head home to make dinner. I tend to snack while I am making dinner and this has stopped my "little bite of this" and a "little bite of that".

Just thought I would share yet another wonderful thing about Cha Cha Cha Chia!!!