Super Easy Holiday Shopping

I know that each of you reading this blog know I work for an amazing grocery store chain. I just want to update you all on how your Fleur Drive Hy-Vee is here to help make your holiday preparation easier, healthier and happier. I know this week will be busy with Thanksgiving Day preparation, but why not take advantage of what our store has to offer?

Here are just a few ways we are here to help:

-Staff assistance in the aisles for locating your holiday foods
-Food Experiences in the aisles of products and recipes that will be useful for your holiday snacks and dinner
-Quick shopping guide for all the holiday staples
-Instructions on how to cook a frozen turkey
-A variety of whole turkeys, turkey breast and turkey roasts, ranging in weights, natural and gluten-free.
-Pre-made pies in different flavors that you can bake at home or purchase already baked
-Endless traditional food items along with new items to include into your holiday tradition.

Stop by today for your Thanksgiving needs and never hesitate to ask anyone with a Hy-Vee name badge: "How can you make my holiday easier, healthier and happier?"