Why should I take Omega 3 fatty acids?

September is Cholesterol Awareness Month and the month where I support adequate intake of Omega 3 fatty acids.

So why should you make sure you have enough in your diet?

Dietary habits that may either be deficient in omega-3s include:
-not eating fish
-following an high protein diet that is both low in DHA/EPA and high in saturated fat instead of one that focuses on fish, soy, and vegetarian protein sources
-avoiding fish or fish oil supplements during pregnancy
-restrictive dieting
-vegetarian diet that is high in non-omega-3 type fats and low in omega-3s.

Omega 3 fatty acids health benefits include:

• Brain development and growth
• Learning
• Behavior regulation
• Delays age-associated deterioration in serotonin and dopamine systems (memory, attention, cognition, behavior)
• Reduces anxiety
• Delays the progression of degenerative eye conditions such as retinal detachment and macular degeneration.

May have therapeutic benefit for:
--Alzheimer's disease
--attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
--bipolar disorder
--chronic fatigue syndrome
--chronic pain
--diabetic neuropathy
--insulin resistance
--irritable bowel syndrome

If you need a Omega 3 fatty acid diet analysis, I am happy to help! Please feel free to call me at 515.285.7266 or email me at 1148dietitian@hy-vee.com