More Energy PLEASE!

For the last couple of weeks, my energy levels have plummeted! I am not sure where they have gone! I usually get up early in the a.m. to hit the gym and there were a few days last week that I could just tell my workout was going to suffer.

So, I was looking for a "pick-me-up." I passed by the cans of Rockstar and Monster, not to mention the 50 other varieties that are available, and I headed to the protein bars section. As I scanned the gels and chews that are available, I realized these are more for the seasoned athlete or someone that is headed into a competitive sport (like for those who will be participating in the Hy-Vee Triathlon next weekend). Most of the gels and chews are for individuals doing a strenuous activity for more than 60 minutes and need a pick me up (which is surprisingly the same requirements for an individuals need for Gatorade-only after 60 minutes of strenuous physical activity).

So what's next? Mmmmm, what about B-vitamins? This is the natural and most effective way to get a little boost in your step. B-vitamins provide you with the extra energy you need for many chemical processes in your body, include mental activity as well as physical activity. So, I purchased a bottle of Hy-Vee HealthMarket B-complex for my "little slower than usual days." It is a natural and easy way for extra energy, without consuming a funky liquid mixture in a snazzy aluminum can.