As sweet as Stevia....

Stevia is becoming a nationally recognized sugar free, calorie free sweetener, thanks to Truvia and PureVia. Truvia and PureVia are simply brand names of Stevia. I am starting to see many products using this instead of sucralose or Splenda.

Why is Stevia becoming a nutrition trend? Probably because of it being more natural and less chemically altered, even more than Splenda. Basically, stevia is a plant and the leaves are steeped (like tea leaves) to pull the sweeteness out. You can buy it both in a powder or luquid form.

Currently, stevia is being seen in beverages. The most common ones that you can find are Sobe Life Water 0, Vitamin Water 10 and Zero, Trop 50 juices, Sprite Green, and Crystal Light Pure Fitness.

I am a person who is into a more natural way of life when it comes to food, so I am a stevia fan myself!