So I had this question the other day about Chia seeds that I think some of you might find as interesting. A lady with a cancer asked me about the differences between flax seed and Chia seeds because she was worried about how flax can have estrogen type affects. There is some truth to flax seed having similarities to estrogen called phytoestrogens in plant products like soy and flax. Chia sees, on the other hand, do not have these properties. So females who have a family history of female cancers (breast, cervical, ovarian) or have had/currently have female cancers should avoid phytoestrogens in flax and soy. I recommended to her to replace her flax with Chia seeds so she can still get all the health benefits without the phytoestrogens! I also made these delicious pumpkin-chia muffins and the recipe can be found on www.hy-vee.com. There is also a really tasty salad called Zesty Tomato Couscous. Chia can be put in anything and you barely notice it!