Friends, Memorial Day, Golf, Music, Future, and Real Deal Kind of Weekend

I think summertime likes to give me more time than I know what to do with by providing longer, sunny filled days and endless opportunities of excitement. However, it does rob me of known indoor activities like writing and blogging. So being the wise adult that I am, I know now to place an alert in my phone that says (no joke):   "Hey Anne,  I know you're having a blasty blast but it's been 2 weeks, have you blogged?"  

The first official holiday weekend to kick off summer fun started with a little trip to Omaha to have Happy Hour with my frista and other lady friends. We dined on sushi, had a few Grey Goose and waters and had endless laughs. Those girlies just make my day and it is always fun to go back and catch up with them. 

One of our favorite spots is Kona Grill because they have killer happy hour sushi and cocktail specials on their amazing patio. The only thing I wonder about Friday's in Omaha is does anyone work past noon?  Geez.....

After a delightful night with the girls, I headed back to my roots to enjoy seeing my beautiful mother, family and the peace and quiet.

There was a time in my life I felt leaving Panama and not looking back was the best thing in the world. Thing is, all roads lead back to the foundation of my life. There is a sense of peace and calm in this small but mighty Iowa town 
(cue John Cougar Mellencamp and the sweet sounds of Small Town). 

When I am back in the hood, I love to head out and hit the pavement with an exploring run. So many fun memories come rushing back and I feel like I could run for endless miles (which let's be honest, 4 miles is more like it and realistically my limit).  The train tracks line the east side of town and run through Whispering Pines Park, which was frequently traveled on by a slew of girls on bikes.

There is this calming sense of comfort as I drive up Main Street and see the homestead on the right. The home I spent the majority of the youth in, sprayed endless amounts of hairspray in, sang karaoke to Cyndi Lauper with my girl gang, ate homemade pizza under the kitchen table, slammed a few doors in, shed a few tears in and shared a life with my amazing parents and sister. I may have also kissed a few boys on the front porch as well.

We picked beautiful peonies in our backyard to take to my sweet Papa and sister on Memorial Day.  Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and they are everywhere in Panama. My mom has these stunning pink ones in the back yard.

 I had a little help from my friend Gypsy. She is also my fur baby, Lil g's momma. She loves to tag along in the backyard and supervise all the happenings.

I also couldn't resist one of my most guilty pleasures from my Mom's garden:  ONIONS!  Oh my goodness, I seriously can pick this straight from the ground, wash it off and eat it like candy. I don't mind dipping it in a little salt if it's handy. The best part about this is I know she planted them for me because she runs as fast as possible away from onions. So thank you Mom for this produce pleasure!

After a relaxing time back home, another work we started. Except this week was not only short, but it was our annual managers golf outing. 

There were over 300 managers who spent the day out on the links. Even though our team didn't win anything,  I would say our team won in the entertaining and a blast to be with division.  Thanks Matt, Jason and Stacey for making it such a fun day!

Each year, my summer officially starts with the first concert I go to.  Last year, I pledged to attend 3 concerts (minimum) a summer because there is nothing better than witnessing music in its most vulnerable and creative space: live. I also pledged to be open to new and different types of music to expand my horizons and the first one up did a lot of expanding.  It was an enjoyable night of creative outlaw country at Wooly's. 

The end of week was full of new adventures. I met up with this lovely, who I haven't seen for a long time when she was my intern!  I am proud of Jena and all of her dietitian accomplishments thus far. It is great reconnecting with dietitians I have worked with in the past and hear about all the amazing things they have done and are doing. 

The Principal Charity Classic was back in town this past weekend and it was a pretty kick ass day out on the course. I enjoyed a few beers, soaked up some sun (with SPF 30 slathered all over of course!) and hung out with some of my favorite people. 

Whew! Holy Sh*% that was a crazy, busy, beautiful week!  I love this time of year. I love making memories and being with people who make my heart beat.