Derby Day, Mother's Day, School Days, TV Day = Joyful Days

I have been slacking on my weeks in review, so I wanted to make sure I shared with you all the fabulous joys in my life the past few week with some pretty kick ass people. 

May not only brings warmer weather but gets me extremely excited for the earth to transition completely out of the dismal "brown town" into lusciously green. Weeee! It also started out with our 4th Annual Derby Party!  

It is so fun to get dressed up and hang out with some of my favorite people. This year I guess black and polka dots were what the ladies fashioned (with absolutely no planning whatsoever). 

And the boys donning some interesting attire, especially Justin who went all out!  We couldn't find him a piano to play though. 

Love our guys in seersucker and bow ties  (and polka dots, they secretly got the memo too!)

A little Prosecco, a few mint juleps, a lot of laughs and another fantastic party in the books. We are planning an actual Derby trip, so hopefully our 5th annual is in Kentucky! 

Quite quickly after our Derby fun was Mother's Day fun. My presence was graced with 3 beautiful ladies: my Mom, Gramma and cousin Christine. 

When I moved to Waukee, my parents gave me my Grandma Jose's china and I thought it was nice to include her in our day, along with the soft powdery smells of pale pink roses. 

A pretty tablescape on top of a lacey tablecloth my parents got for their wedding. Classic pieces full of love, sweet components of the sweet little lunch we had that ended in banana cream pie. Unfortunately, not even close to Grandma Jose homemade banana cream, but still a fitting ending to our meal.

The middle of my week brought a few great endings to a couple of schools I work with. Wayne Community Schools in Corydon, Iowa were presented with being a Healthy US School by the Iowa Department of Education and the USDA. Kelley Lavely and her Food Service staff have such an inspirational passion for keeping kids healthy and providing them amazing school breakfast and lunches. Congratulations to them and I feel lucky to have been a part of it! 

It was also the last week of Pick A Better Snack for Wright Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa for this school year. There are many days I wonder if my work as a dietitian is making and impact and then I get these. Handwritten thank yous from the kiddos with many confirmations of things they learned with me over the past year (insert nerdy but excited dietitian dance). 

To top off my joys, I ended the week with Sunday Funday a little TV segment on KCCI discussing the worlds most favorite fruit and our Dietitian Pick of the Month: Mangos. It sure is an early Sunday, but I enjoy each segment to share delicious food with those on set and those watching. 

My jar of joy is filling up quickly...