Joyful Weekend

This weekend was so full of joy!  I started off digging into my big jar of joys and reading notes to myself from the past year.  

My friend Amanda gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever gotten in my life. This started my joy revolution. Instead of ending each day with any negative thoughts, I wrote down a joy or many joys I experienced that day. At the start of my new year (my birthday), my intention is to settle in with a cocktail, a fire roaring and a snuggly blanket to read the great things that happened in the year before. This was the first completed year and it was such an amazing experience. I cannot believe through all the madness of 2015, I still had so much joy. Start your giant jar of happiness right now!! You will be so happy you did. I am already starting to fill it up with my joys of 2016.

Speaking of Amanda, she has the sweetest most loveable and well mannered man in her life, Brody. Brody and I spent a few days together this week and it was fun to be a doggy furmama!  I do love dogs and I couldn't resist snapping a shot of him chilliaxin in my backyard. Lil g handled him pretty well considering he has her beat by about 90 pounds.

The weekend brought this sweet lady into town, my momma, for a little cocktail club with friends, massages, pedicures, shopping, a little home maintenance, and some delicious food. 

We had a few Manhattans...many laughs and a little dancing....I will spare you those pictures 😆. 

We brunched at Gilroy's, our favorite new dining spot in Des Moines. I forgot to take a picture of our delicious breakfast. An amazing omelette with pastrami, sautéed onions and mushrooms, covered with a decadent mornay sauce. The hashbrowns, rye toast and coffee paired perfectly with this tummy pleasing plate. I couldn't resist ordering a fresh and perfect sweet Blueberry Smoothie with Mango Honey to-go. Next time I will not forget to take pictures. Make sure to go and experience breakfast at Gilroy's! 

The weekend was beautiful and we spent some time out in the sunny and 70 degree weather. I love my crab apple tree in my front yard, I wish it would stay this beautiful all year long. 

We ended our fun weekend with brunch, courtesy of yours truly. (I remembered to snap this photo, only because I do not cook this way often!). Nothing like a late morning mother/daughter chat with the windows open and the sweet spring air flowing through the house. 

Off to put these joys into my jar. Hope your weekend was full of them too.