A Very Special Birthday

Alice from Westphalia (the special name my Dad called her, she was from Westphalia, Iowa after all. Makes perfect sense and also makes her laugh), also known as my Gramma, celebrated 90 years with this world this past week. You would never guess this beauty is 90 years old! 

I got the chance to celebrate with her a little early with a delicious lunch and fun conversation with her and my mom. 

Such pretty ladies! You can see where I get the red in my hair.

Special people require special gifts and my mom cut some beautiful and fragrant magnolias to brighten the table.  We had a special angel with her arms open wide who was also with us. Kate loved birthdays and loved to celebrate, we know she was there with us and wouldn't miss this special birthday.

It would not be a birthday for Gramma without her favorite treat in the world, pie!  (I heard that you get extra wishes when you blow out birthday candles on pie.) 

Happy Birthday Alice from Westphalia and my Gramma, may all your wishes come true and many more happy birthdays to come!