When I think about passion, I think about interests. Everyone has different interests and that is very special. When I was younger, I didn't really understand how special it was. I would get annoyed or I didn't try to understand this uniqueness because it did not match my own interests. As I am starting to understand my own passions, I better understand the passions of others. 

If it is something that holds you, keeps you purposeful, keeps you excited, keeps you feeling alive...it is something you should never let go of, no matter the opinions of others.

I think of my sister, everyday, but especially today. She LOVES the Broncos and everything sports. She was so passionate about her favorite teams and it was something she stayed true to and interested in. As her sister, who really was not into sports, I never understood how she felt. Now I do more than ever. She never waivered from her favorite teams and always made time to watch their games.  Sports kept her interested, inspired and feeling alive. I love this about her. 

Are you living your passion? Do you wake up each day staying true to yourself? 

This is one of my favorite TED talks about passion. It's worth a watch just to think about your own life and where you are.  http://youtu.be/rH0AlC2TbR8

Whenever I feel like I am losing sight of my passions, I think about my sister. She reminds me everyday to stay focused and passionate about my life because that's how she lived hers. 

Take your own interests, stay with them, stay passionate and be the biggest fan of the most important thing in this world, you. 

Go Broncos!