Happy New Year!

February 2016...my New Year has begun! This new year has been the best to date and I got to spend it with all the important people in my life that I care for deeply! 

It started with a surprise get together with my Des Moines tribe of Amanda, Stacey, Jason, Justin and Kevin. I was truly surprised and that does not happen very often! They so thoughtfully baked me this delicious cake, made my smile and laugh so hard my cheeks hurt and it was the perfect start to the 2 weeks that followed. 

My travels took me west to spend Valentine's Day with my Mom and family. 

Red, pinks and hearts galore, Chef Christine (also one of my soul sisters) prepared a fun spread of delicious treats of my favorite things: roses, goat cheese and roasted tomatoes crostini:

Garlic, red pepper and artichoke toast:

Jalapeño breads with a creamy red pepper dip:

All paired with libations, fancy espresso in beautiful cups and ending with chocolate, candles and wishes....

After a beautiful evening and a night full of slumber, Chef Christine whipped up more delicious eats and we indulged in a couple more libations before my western departure to the next leg of my travels. 

After a tummy full of pizza, I left to spend some time with my Omaha tribe. I was greeted with hearty homemade soup and  my absolute favorite dessert, key lime pie. The night was finished with champagne and a movie. And you think that would have ended possibly the best New Year a girl could have...but then it was time to head to somewhere tropical...

More to come!