Week in Review

You know what I love, weekends that are wonderful. We all look forward to the weekend but how often can you say you had a fantastically lovely weekend? This past week was also pretty great, so coming to work on Monday was not so hard!  We need more of these in our lives!  Can I put my order in for this week and weekend already?

Recently, I said good luck and see you soon to a new adventure for a dear friend and co-worker of mine, Jodi. She has been part of the Hy-Vee Dietitian group for over 12 years and I have been so lucky to have known her for the 8 years I have spent with the company. Jodi is someone I admire professionally and personally. She is smart, kind, hilarious, fun and inspiring. I am so proud of her and hope this new job is everything she is looking for in her professional life. They are so lucky to have her and I am so lucky to know her. 

I got the chance to get in the kitchen this past week and whip up a delicious low-lactose pizza for an upcoming blog I wrote for the Midwest Dairy Council for February, which celebrates Lactose Intolerance Month. My secret to a delicious, flavorful and gooey pizza:  Asiago Cheese! 

If you know me, you know how much I love all kinds of music. At the perfect time, a friend of mind shared their new magically artistic melodies with me. I couldn't be more excited for what their future holds!  I am just grateful for them sharing it and the experience with me. Looks like it will be occupying my playlists for awhile....

I also had the joy this week to witness Oskaloosa Elementary School's 1000 students, Food Service staff and Physical Education staff be awarded the Healtheir US School Award for excellence in nutrition and physical activity. So much fun!  Their Food Service Director, Julie Miller, works so hard in proving healthy food and worked diligently to apply for this award in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Education. Congrats to this amazing team and school! 

Friday, I was very fortunate to spend the morning with various Iowa farmers at Iowa Farm Bureau's F.A.R.M. team training. It was great meeting and talking with farmers about what consumers are looking for in the grocery store, how farmers and dietitians can partner, and trends for 2016. I love farmers and the more we can work together, the more it just makes sense. I also got to meet a special family that has 2 dietitian daughters and one on her way to becoming one!  Passion for health starts at home and I just thought it was so awesome how this family raises delicious veggies and passionate dietitians. 

Now to the weekend...I was so excited my mom came to visit and we spent a whole weekend together!  We had a wonderful weekend of conversations, smiles, laughter, shopping and food!  I took her to one of my favorite Des Moines restaurants, Noah's Arc. We yummied down a delicious cappuccino, pizza, homemade ravioli and rolls. Pure foodie heaven! We then hit the town and shopped away, finding some very fun things. 

Sunday we headed to brunch and delicious Bloody Mary's at Django with my friends Amanda, Justin, Jason and his mom, Connie. I couldn't help but think what joy my mom and friends give my heart!  I am so thankful for the time with my mom and couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I am also so proud to be the daughter of my beautiful mother.   There could not be a better comparison!