Week in Review

This week was a "journey."  In many ways. I dropped my phone and cracked it into a few pieces, so this lead to an unplanned new phone of which I am still adjusting. 

I got my computer fixed to enable me to do my writing projects a little more efficiently and worked with a great local company called 600 Monkeys (http://600monkeys.com). Thanks so much to Jim and his staff for doing a great job!  I recommend this place to everyone!! 

I took a little journey to KC for a blogging conference with Midwest Dairy. It was a great experience and I cannot wait to share everything with you in a separate blog this week. 

I was able to make a quick trip back home and spend Easter with my family. It is always refreshing to relax and rejuvenate myself when I go home. Even if it's only for the day. It feels good to be loved!!

Happy Easter!!  And I wish you a happy week ahead!