Week in Review

Welllllll.....this past week I celebrated my New Years (or what other people may refer to as their birthday). I couldn't have asked for a better day. I was showered with a little beauty and a lot of joy...

And my "Quest" bouquet from my frista! 

And an unbelievable, kick a** book that is going to change my life!

But most importantly, I got to spend it with the people I LOVE so very much!!! (And you know who you are and if you don't, you do now!). These people make each trip around the sun more memorable and more meaningful than I could ever ask for. 

I was lucky enough to attend an inspiring conference in Chicago this past week as well and reconnect with like-minded professionals, who make me want to work harder to my goals. It re-energizes me every year and I know this year the momentum is going to grow like wild. 

I ended the week doing a TV segment with my favorite local station KCCI and my favorite anchor Marcus!  We talked healthy breakfast, milk and oatmeal. 


Sunday, Lil g and I pretty much amounted to this. The fireplace was a great way to end the week.

It was such a full week... of much much joy. It leaves me (almost) speechless and so very grateful. I have some pretty amazing people in my life and some pretty amazing things happening in my life.  I cannot wait to see what happens!

Happy Happy New Year!!!