Wisdom Wednesday

It's Wednesday morning and my day off. As I am trying to get motivated, I came across this perfect little quote for my Wisdom Wednesday. I have to say, I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter was one of my idols. She had dark hair like me so we were soul sisters in my youth (and of course only in my mind). Point being, we all have this superhero inside of us. Some of us have to dig a little deeper to find her, but she is there. Sure it is great to be everyone else's superhero, that happens automatically for most of us, but what about being your own superhero?  It is ok to be a little selfish and do something for yourself.
So today, I am motivated to tap into my Wonder Woman and treat myself to a little superhero action. “Of all people, you know who I am…who the world needs me to be. I’m Wonder Woman.” -Infinite Crisis #1