Week in Review

I need to get back to blogging more!  Lately I have been blogging for a few other sites and it's taking me away from my own personal blog. So back to my routine!

Had a busy week, full of activities and lots of work. I had an exciting week of educating my favorite friends at Wright Elementary. My first graders really made me smile. They got to try jicama and I got a plethora of hugs from all those sweet kiddos. It really made my week. I even got a crown out of the deal! 

My family visited for the weekend and mom made home made spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from the garden. Sooo delish!  

The cat enjoyed the cooler temps and the fireplace. She planted herself here for the whole evening.

I got to spend a fun night with friends and celebrating a special birthday. It is always a great time to go out with friends that I haven't seen in awhile. 

Too blogging more and celebrating another week ahead!!!