Week in Review

A week flies by so fast...I don't always feel that way when the week is happening until I look back on all the pictures and memories. We had another superb sushi class and our Chef's David and Stacey got rave reviews for the wonderful job they did. We made new friends while making and eating new kinds of sushi. 

I had a great "vacation day" with my friend Brenda over the weekend. I cherish any moments I have with people who mean the world to me. Each time I am with Brenda I remember why she is in my life. She makes me smile and look forward to sharing many more moments with her. I hope you all have friends that have this special meaning in your life. 

Back in my college days of 1997, with my roommates, we adopted the "cat of the day" at the humane society. Gracie was a pretty cool chick from the get go. She weathered 5 moves, 5 new homes, 5 different roommates and a new sister.  

After 17 years and almost 1/2 of my life, it was time for Gracie to be laid to rest. I have never lost a pet before and I told myself it would not be that hard when she left. But it was. She was such a great kitty and she will be greatly missed. Much love to her always.