Week in Review

Another great week in the books!  As I was reflecting on the week in preparation to write, I seriously had the biggest smile on my face. I am glad I ended the week still smiling because it was one of those crazy busy weeks. I entered another year in my life and felt so loved on Monday. Even though I have been celebrating another year in my 30's almost all month long, those near and dear to me made the actual day very special. After an extremely long day at work and another day of snow, I pulled into my driveway at 8 pm and was greeted by a freshly shoveled drive, balloons and gifts. My sweet friend Amanda went out of her way. I cannot express to her how much I appreciated her thoughtfulness. Still warms my heart and it will never be forgotten. 

I spent another week with my favorite kiddos at Wright Elementary and introduced a new veggie to the little ones. Unfortunately, I have always been a little messy with every science experiment I have ever done. I still wonder how I did not blow anything up in  organic chemistry labs. This week we focused on the "c" vegetables and discused how celery absorbed water very easily by putting red food coloring in water with a leafy celery piece. The kids liked the experiment but loved my red hands even more. Win-win for them. Mental note to self, if it involves food coloring it needs to involve gloves for this girl. My favorite part was making coleslaw trees and how much the kids liked them. We took multigrain mini clubhouse crackers with one side dipped in whipped cream cheese and then dipped in coleslaw. Such a great after school snack and I hope they make them at home. 

The week ended with my parents and sister coming to visit and to celebrate just one more time. Nothing beats the warmth of a full house and happy tummies.  My mom spent a little bit of the day trying to wrap her head around how many years ago she brought me into this world. We both agree that age is just a number and we will just keep living the age we feel.  I usually am not very graceful in many different aspects of my life, but it will be how I grow older.