Week in Review

What can I say about this past week?  So many wonderful memories with people I care about to the end of the world and beyond!  I got to celebrate my birthday early with a great group of people in the tropical city of Chicago. I think I smiled and laughed the most I ever have to date. Thank you to such dear friends for starting my next thirty-something year off with a bang and excited for all it has to bring. 

Valentines Day rolled around this year and of course working where I do, brings complete and utter chaos. I have to laugh every year how all the gift-giving procrastinators frantically are out purchasing their gifts of love. Thank goodness Hy-Vee and other places are so accommodating by having a lot of last-minute variety. I got to spend the day with Stacey cruising around Des Moines delivering smiles to those who are loved. This year, almost all of the receipients were surprised, so that was super fun. We delivered to some interesting places and cruised around in a pretty sweet mini-van. Thank goodness for google maps! 

I ended this week with a little baking (and a little vino) for my birthday Throwdown this week. Our theme is chocolate and I just had to make my favorite family recipe:  Mahogany Chocolate Cake. It is really hard not to dive into its deliciousness as it awaits on my kitchen counter. But at least I got the best part: to lick the beaters.  My sister and I would patiently await them when mom was making the cake. I wish my sissy was here to share them with me...but maybe next year. Don't miss out on our Throwdown tomorrow!  It is going to be decadent!