Living Healthy and Happy: Protein

When I think about any meal or snack, I think about protein. I do not eat a meal or snack unless protein is one of the components. I also make sure it is a lean source. At least 80% of the time from actual food (the other 20% could be from protein bars or shakes).

What does protein do for our bodies?  Protein is the building blocks for our bodies. Protein breaks down to amino acids that add structure to every part in our body, especially our muscles. 

What does protein do for our health?  LEAN protein foods (meaning they are lower in fat, think 93% lean) provide saiety (help you feel fuller longer), controls insulin spikes when you eat it with carbohydrate foods (helps control cravings) and helps maintain and build muscle (the more muscle you have the more calories you burn). These are all the reasons why you need to be eating protein every time you eat.

Here are some of my favorite sources:  Fat-free milk, egg whites, Smart Chicken breasts and ground chicken, Siggi's Skyr Yogurt, wild caught salmon and raw pistachios. 

So when you grab your apple for your afternoon snack today, make sure a hand full of raw almonds aren't far behind!  

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