Week in Review

It was a very very fun week!  I started the week off getting to eat (oh and judge) 18 different healthy appetizer and dessert recipes at one of my favorite local businesses that I work with. These employees made some flavorful and mouth-watering recipes, it was so hard to only pick 2 winners. I am so glad they had the recipes for me to take and incorporate into my holiday festivities!  

My favorite cousin, also known as my little sis and Lindsey (on the right) finally came to visit me in Des Moines all the way from Omaha! It has been a long time since her and I have gotten to spend some time together since her wedding in June. She brought along her friend Laura and we had quite the fun-filled weekend!

We took a trip to West End Salvage (one of Lindsey's favorite shows on HGTV), sampling wine and exploring 4 stories of vintage home furnishings. My favorite was the old film gear.

We baked oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch...

And Lindsey got to scratch off a bucket-list entry by jumping....

One of the most entertaining and enjoyable weekends I have had this fall!