Week in Review

Started this week with a beautiful sunrise. I feel fortunate for each one I get to see because that means I have another day on this earth, a second chance to make the day the best it can be and to get things right. No matter what, I try to remember that each day is a blessing and I can be better than the day before. If I can be a little better each day, my hope is that if I don't see another sunrise, I will have been the best version of me.

We had our annual Iowa Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting this week and I was way more involved than I ever thought I would be. I had the privilege to present and introduce our group to a fantastic marketing plan to set dietitians as the go-to nutrition experts in our state. I was also humbly awarded the Medallion Award by my peers. I am happy to be working with such an outstanding group of professionals. Watch out 2015, hopefully my presidency will be a succesful and fruitfall one!

On Friday, 12 friends and I attended the P!NK concert in Des Moines. It was an excellent show and we all shared many laughs, cutting edge dance moves and a love for music. Erin, my friend's niece, experienced her first concert. Just seeing her eyes light up and her excitement, took me back to my first concert. I have always loved music, but seeing it through the eyes of a teen for the first time, renewed that love and appreciation of music for me. 

I ended my week with homeowner, adult responsibilities by cleaning up the yard and preparing for the long winter months ahead. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and 50 degrees but full of bittersweet memories of the passing of our warm weather. 

The days are shorter, the nights are longer and time moves on. Another reason to be thankful for each sunrise and sunset. Another day to be thankful for being alive and being ready for the days in my life that are to come.