Week in Review

Fall is officially here, my absoltutely favorite time of the year. Our store has embraced the season and fall colors and foods are throughout. The weather was a little bipolar this week with 90+ degree weather days, followed by a crazy storm with sideways rain, bringing on cooler temps and perfect sleeping weather.

Chef Stacey and I had our Tailgate Throwdown during the storm, not a huge turnout but we did have some takers. Excited my assistant Erin is back to help with our crazy dietitian life! I was also very happy for Stacey to win with her Spicy Corn Dip with Pita Chips.

Friday brought a beautiful night with good friends and good live music in downtown Des Moines. It was the perfect evening to end a long week.

I ended the weekend baking cookies for a friend with the windows open and the fall breezes flowing throughout the house. Fall really energizes me to cook more and even exercise more. Running outside in the fall is so perfect to clear my head and get ready for another week. And who wouldn't want to come home from a run with the smell of fresh cookies luring me in?  Yes, I will have one, or two.