Week in Review

This week seemed like it lasted forever!  Really. I split my week between vacation time and work, 3 days each. It was very quite at work because others (the ones that can distract me easily) were on vacation too, so when I was there, I was very productive. We celebrated a week long birthday for my friend Stacey's 30-ish birthday. Last year at this same time she just had a baby and deserved a week of fun.

During this week, there was an intense debate about umami, the 5th sense. Yes, the majority of us are familiar with the 4 standard tastes (sweet, sour, salty and bitter) but umami encompasses all 4 with depth. Unfortunately, it was divided, girls believe (because we actually use all 5) where the boys did not believe, photo-documented. I enjoy passionate and heated conversations, even if it involved polling the public!

The weekend brought the legendary Cy-Hawk game and Saturday morning TV for me. It was fun doing tailgating ideas for one of the biggest a football days in Iowa. I stayed my neutral self, wearing my Swiss-white shirt (not a particular fan of either) and enjoying the healthy competition. Never-mind that I did nap through the first half....maybe I will catch the second half. 

Happy weekend to you all, looking forward to the next week and all that it brings my way!