Experiencing Whole Health

Well, I am very excited to say, Saturday's Whole Health Experience was a success!  Each time our group puts on this event (year #3 completed), we are always on edge hoping for happy and healthy customers attending this great event.

We had awesome presentations by our chefs and dietitians, and our fitness manger, Andrew. It is so inspiring to see such an amazing group of individuals working together to provide our customers with all the best wellness information in one place.

I enjoyed seeing my customers and meeting new customers. I have such a great appreciation for the other dietitians I get the privilege to work with and feel fortunate to work for a company that truly does care about the health of our customers.

I hope you had the chance to attend. If not, please seek out your Hy-Vee Dietitian, Chef or our Fitness Manager, we are your health and wellness experts and are here to help you live the happiest life you can.