Keep the Course

I hope all of you have seen these cards, or have been to the website because they are beyond fun!   I relate to many of them and might have even created a few of them myself.  This one entertained me this weekend and I am sure many of you might have felt this way once or twice in your life.

I honestly cannot remember wanting to run away as child (I am sure Bob and Ruth might have a different story to tell on that) but I can count the times I have felt like this as an adult.

Sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming and I find I like to take solace in things can that change my attitude and just make me laugh. My whole attitude changes and I can face the rest of the day in a much better mood. Life is all about having the right attitude. If you do, anything is possible as long as you are positive. We all know someone that is constantly negative or has something negative to say in any situation. Can you imagine the emotional roller coaster going on inside that person?  It would be so hard to just wake up each day, knowing there was nothing positive.

Whenever I encounter negative thoughts from other people, I try my best to bring something positive to the table. If I can change that persons attitude, think of all the other people that will benefit from it?

If you find yourself being taken over by negativity, do not let it control you!  You cannot run away from this craziness we call life, but you can face it, embrace it and do your best to keep yourself moving forward.  And if you really struggle, don't worry, someone else out there is too, we all do. You might just need to send yourself a reality check, laugh about it and live the rest of your day, positively.