My Soundtrack

A friend shared this quote with me this week:  "Life is about the people you meet and what you create with them." I really believe in this. I feel we meet certain people at certain times in our lives, when we most need them. Not only do they add to the cornicopia of people we already know, but they can also shape the person you are intended to become. I meet many new people daily and all of them have impacted my life in a very special way.

I love all kinds of music and if I was not a dietitian, I always have wanted to work on soundtracks for movies. I think each song captures an emotion of the viewer and is critical to the tone of the movie.

So, how do these two things come together, you might be wondering?  Well each new customer, new dietitian, new person I have met in my life, has helped create my own personal soundtrack. It might not be a movie (yet) but I am thankful for my plentiful playlist of those I have met along the way.

Always be willing to create your life  with the people you meet and enjoy your soundtrack along the way.