It's Futbol Season!

Ahhh yes, it is fall. That time of year when things cool down, leaves are changing and football season has started. I can appreciate the passion fans have for their teams, it was present in the state of Iowa yesterday with the annual CyHawk game. I am always happy to help make a game day fun, with snacks and having friends over, but I am not one to watch football games to often. My heart lies with a different kind of football and my alma mater. This time of year, my university did not play football but futbol or soccer. Yes, we tailgated and celebrated our team, the same way everyone does their football team.

Even though I do not feel a connection to a football team that plays each weekend, but you will find me catching the Jays playing during the fall season. I might be alone, with my own snacks, cheering outloud, maybe with a little facepaint on or wearing my T-shirt proudly, but I will be celebrating the futbol season, same as you. Happy fall!

To cheer along with me, find the Jays soccer schedule here: